Welcome to Beeronomics 2013

The Steering Committee is delighted to invite you to the third BEERONOMICS Conference – The Economics of Beer and Brewing.

This event follows up the successful BEERONOMICS Conferences held in Leuven (Belgium 2009) and Freising (Germany 2011).

The third event of the series will take place at the York Management School, University of York (York, United Kingdom) from 18th to 21st September 2013.

BEERONOMICS 2013 aims to be an ideal forum for high-quality economic research related to beer and brewing activities. The conferences will cover a number of topics from the field of economics, law, policy, marketing and consumption, industrial organisations, innovation and others.

Venues and facilities are provided by the University of York, with workshops held in the new Heslington East Campus located in the outskirts of the city of York. Social events will be organised and held within the historic city centre, an outstanding medieval location with a number of attractions and one of the highest concentrations of pubs in the country.

Looking forward to seeing you in York!