The Best Apps for Craft Beer Lovers

Revolution of craft beer has taken most of the parts of the world by storm in recent years. It is growing consistently and undeviatingly with no signs of slowing down. Customers who care where their ale comes from can simply scan a beer’s barcode or packaging, or look up the name in the search engine to get the answer. Whether you want to impress someone who loves craft beer, looking to find a brewery near you, or just wish to get up-to-date data about beers and breweries, a number of apps have pulled it off pretty well. You may find a few of them quite useful to further enhance your beer experience.

Here are some famous craft beer apps that are worth checking out. But yes, before downloading them right away, learn how do you setup a VPN on android to stay secure online.


Untappd is the Facebook of the beer drinking world, one can check in with what they are drinking, see what their friends have been up to, can see trending beers and breweries, special events, track the beer they have tried. Also, can find ratings for just about any beer in existence and even discover new beers based on their last beer ratings. Perhaps it is the only true beer social media site. 

Brewery Passport

This app is a tour guide for discovering local beers and breweries. If you are visiting a new town for a few days and want to discover local micro and nano breweries, then this app is for you. It lets you know the nearby breweries. It also provides you offer links to their facebook page and website so that you can take a look at what they are pouring before you try out and connect with the brewery.


Pivo app lets you order a beer in 59 different languages. You can simply select the desired language on your phone. This easy-navigating app also includes a phonetic pronunciation guide and videos of native speakers in order to ensure you say it correctly.


It is an easy-to-use app that works for any restaurant, bar or other commercial establishments that sells beverages of any kind, including spirits, wine, beer, non-alcoholic and cocktails. TapHunter provides an updated tap list for watering holes worldwide and tracks when kegs are well tapped and can also offer personalized recommendations. It makes it super simple to get the word out to your customer base about new items.

BJCP Styles

Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) tells you all about every kind of beer that officially exists. If you truly are a beer geek and want a ready guide at all times, then you will find this free app quite handy. Detailed 2008 and 2015 style guidelines of BJCP are available for quick reference. The 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines are a major revision with the goals of better-addressing world beer styles as found in their local markets, keeping pace with rising craft beer market shifts, taking an edge of new research and references, and helping team organizers better manage the complexity of their events.