Call for Papers

The deadline for abstract submission expired on Friday 8th March 2013 at 5pm (UK time). Authors whose abstracts have been selected to be presented at the conference have been contacted already by the Chair of the Scientific Committee.

Length: max 6,000 words (excluding tables, figures and references)
Font: Times New Roman; 12 point font size; 1.5 line spacing

The final date for registrations is 15th August 2013. Authors will need to be registered to the conference in order to attend the conference and to present their papers (any author named in the submitted paper cannot be registered as Guest). The Scientific Committee will work to provide participants with a preliminary conference programme within June/early July 2013.

Conference sessions will be organised within workshops under the following themes:

A: Trends and driving forces in regional, national, and global beer production, consumption, distribution and trade

  • A1:National and global trends in beer production, demand, distribution and trade (e.g. new markets, new production, packaging; transportation systems and technological developments)
  • A2: Globalisation; mergers and acquisitions (e.g. macroeconomics, exchange rate costs on the international beer market)
  • A3: Markets for inputs (e.g. malting barley and hops)

B: Management, marketing and market structure

  • B1: Advertising, marketing, brand management
  • B2: Competition and market power; pricing strategies; price transmission along the beer chain
  • B3: Supply chain management, ecology and sustainability in terms of beer and brewing

C: Individual beer choice and health

  • C1: Determinants of individual beer choice
  • C2: Impact of advertising, brands, labels, on choice
  • C3: Consumers’ information processing; purchasing decisions and willingness to pay
  • C4: The role of lobby groups such as CAMRA, and professional bodies such as SIBA and BBPA

D: Policy and regulation

  • D1: Beer and brewing related laws and policy (e.g. purity law, competition rules, franchise regulations, EU labelling rules)
  • D2: Impact of taxes/subsidies and regulation of beer availability
  • D3: Impact of provision and regulation of information; self control commitments at the level of enterprises/industries

E: Impact of beer on society and culture

  • E1: Beer and brewing as a facilitator of social engagement
  • E2: Health issues related to beer consumptions; theories and empirical research
  • E3: Consumers’ responsible drinking and brewing industries efforts: policies, strategies, effects and side effects

F. Others

The Scientific Committee aims to publish a selection of contributed papers, together with the invited papers in a special issue of an appropriate applied economics journal and/or in a book. Authors will be informed in due course.