Steering Committee

Dr Ignazio Cabras, Chairman – Steering Committee
Ignazio is the Head of BSc Management Programme at TYMS. His research focuses on the role of pubs in enhancing community cohesion and fostering socioeconomic activities in rural and peripheral areas of Britain.

Prof. David Higgins, Chairman – Scientific Committee
David is Professor of Business History and Managerial Economics at TYMS. He has worked on mergers and acquisitions in the UK brewing industry, as well as the evolution of brands and trademarks in the consumer goods industries.

Prof. Kiran Fernandes, 
Kiran is Professor of Operations Management at Durham Business School. He has published widely in the area of operations management and on the editorial board of a number of leading international journals in the area. Professor Fernandes is a Chartered Engineer and advises a number of companies both nationally and internationally.

Prof. Steve Toms
Steve is Professor of Accounting in Leeds University Business School. His research interests include the history of brewing and takeovers and mergers in the brewing industry. He is editor of the journal Business History.

Mr David Smith, Brewing Services and Consultancy
David is a leading UK based brewing consultant working with small independent breweries the length and breadth of the UK. His brewing career started in 1976 as a trainee brewer at Samuel Smith’s Brewery in Yorkshire before starting his own brewing consultancy in 1988. Since then he has been involved with setting up over 100 breweries and assisting many more with their technical problems.